Day 1 (5th August 2024):
  • Session 1: Introduction to Mobile Journalism
What is Mobile Journalism (MOJO)?
  • Session 2: Introduction to Mobile Journalism
Evolution and advantages of MOJO in the digital age Essential skills for MOJO professionals
  • Session 3: Introduction to Journalism
What is Journalism? Interaction with: O Abdurahman (Group Editor, MediaOne – Madhyamam)
Day 2 (6th August 2024):
  • Session 4: MOJO Tools and Equipment
Overview of mobile devices for journalism Essential apps for MOJO: recording, editing, and publishing Accessories and equipment for enhancing MOJO production Best practices for capturing high-quality audio and video on mobile devices
  • Session 5: Introduction to TV Station
Visit to MediaOne premises – Central News Desk, News Floor, News PCR, Program floor, Program PCR, MCR, Recording studios, Edit suites, other departments.
  • Session 6: Interaction with experts
Interaction with: C Dawood (Managing Editor, MediaOne) Interaction with: Nishad Rawther (Senior News Editor, MediaOne)
Day 3 (7th August 2024):
  • Session 10: Visual Storytelling with MOJO
Principles of visual storytelling Composition and framing techniques for mobile videos and photos Effective use of natural light and basic lighting techniques Guidelines for capturing compelling footage and images
  • Session 11: Audio Recording and Editing
Importance of audio in storytelling Techniques for capturing clear and high-quality audio Editing and enhancing audio recordings using mobile apps Adding background music and sound effects
  • Session 12: Interaction with experts
Interaction with: SA Ajims (Senior News Editor, MediaOne) Interaction with: P T Nasar (Executive News Editor, MediaOne)  
Day 4 (8th August 2024):  
  • Session 14: Video Editing on Mobile Devices
Introduction to mobile video editing apps Editing basics: trimming, splitting, and rearranging clips Adding transitions, titles, and captions Enhancing video with filters, effects, and color correction  
  • Session 15: Storytelling through Social Media
Understanding social media platforms for MOJO Crafting engaging stories for social media Strategies for effective distribution and promotion Optimizing content for different platforms and audiences
  • Session 16: Interaction with experts
Interaction with: Dr. Yaseen Ashraf (Managing Director, MediaOne) Interaction with: Pramod Raman (News Editor, MediaOne)
Day 5 (9th August 2024):
  • Session 17: Ethics and Legal Considerations in MOJO
Ethics in mobile journalism: accuracy, fairness, and transparency Copyright and legal considerations when using mobile media Privacy concerns and consent in MOJO production Responsible use of social media and user-generated content  
  • Session 19: Hands-on Practice
Participants will work on a MOJO project Applying the skills learned during the workshop
Day 6 (10th August 2024):
  • Session 20: Hands-on PracticeParticipants will continue working on their MOJO project.
  • Session 21: Concluding Session
Group discussions and feedback sessions Final presentations and sharing of MOJO projects Screening of MOJO projects done by students / Certificate distribution