Madhyamam newspaper has left an indelible mark on Kerala’s media landscape through its revolutionary endeavors. By amplifying the voices of the marginalized, it has pioneered an alternative media culture, forging a new path in the modern media arena. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Madhyamam extended its legacy by introducing MediaOne TV, an innovative blend of General Entertainment and News Channel, offering its diverse readership a dynamic visual experience.

In tandem with this expansion, the inception of MBL Media School in 2010 followed the paper’s footsteps. This institute aimed to redefine media education by cultivating media practitioners who are not only proficient but also socially conscious. The school, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, empowers students to produce news bulletins, audio-video content, and documentaries, preparing them for the dynamic media landscape.

The growth continued as the institution transitioned to the MediaOne TV headquarters in 2018, evolving into the MediaOne Academy of Communication. This shift solidified their commitment to maintaining high standards, ensuring students’ readiness for the industry, nurturing theoretical clarity, and fostering a sense of social responsibility. Being an integral part of the larger Madhyamam family, the academy offers a distinctive learning experience, where students gain insights from industry veterans and acquire hands-on training in the latest technologies.

The core mission of the MediaOne Academy encompasses a holistic education approach, blending theoretical foundations with practical learning. Through interactions with seasoned experts, fieldwork, grassroots internships, hands-on assignments, mid-term training, and exposure trips, students are encouraged to creatively harness mass media’s potential for driving social change. The academy inspires students to explore alternative media practices within the realms of mass media, fostering a spirit of innovation and social impact.