O ABDURAHMAN                    –           GROUP EDITOR, MADHYAMAM – MEDIAONE


            PRAMOD RAMAN                    –           NEWS EDITOR, MEDIAONE

            C DAWOOD                             –           MANAGING EDITOR, MEDIAONE

            P T NASAR                              –           EXECUTIVE EDITOR, MEDIAONE

            NISHAD RAWTHER                 –           SENIOR NEWS EDITOR, MEDIAONE

            SA AJIMS                                –           SENIOR NEWS EDITOR, MEDIAONE

            M NOUSHAD                           –           AUTHOR

            HARSHAD                               –           FILM DIRECTOR

            JOLLY CHIRAYATH                 –           FILM ACTOR




  1. Sadique P K


M Phil, PHD, PG Diploma in Journalism


Dr. Sadique PK holds a Ph.D. from the English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad. He began his career as a journalist but later transitioned to research and teaching. He has published papers in both international and national journals and has presented his work at numerous international conferences. He holds a PG Diploma in Journalism from the Kerala Media Academy, Kochi.


  1. Lenin Subhash M.P

Asst. Professor – Journalism

MA Mass communication, NET, SET


Lenin Subhash is a former senior reporter in Asianet News. He has an experience over 6 years both in Broadcasting and Reporting. He worked as a copy writer in Cornet Communications, Kochi. He also worked in NSS college Manjeri and GEMS College Malappuram as an assistant professor.


  1. Nisamudheen P

Asst. Professor – Filmmaking & Video Production

MA Communication – Audio & Video Production, BA Mass Communication


Nisamudheen is a highly experienced film director with over 10 years of experience in the film industry who completed his post graduation from esteemed Central University of Hyderabad. In addition to his successful career in the film industry, Nisam has worked on various projects including advertisements, short films; corporate ads etc. With a remarkable 4 years of teaching experience, he has made significant contributions to MediaOne Academy and he continues to explore new storytelling avenues and contribute to the ever-evolving world of film.

  1. Mohammed Shafeeque K

Senior Faculty – Photography & Cinematography

BSc Visual Communication, Diploma in Photography, Cinematography, Visual Edit


Mohammed Shafeeque is a highly skilled professional Cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in the Ad film industry. In addition to his successful career in the industry, Shafeeque has actively pursued teaching opportunities, sharing his knowledge and passion for cinematography with aspiring students. With a remarkable 10 years of teaching experience, he has made significant contributions to various colleges, including SAFI.Since 2016, Shafeeque has been an integral part of the MediaOne academy, where he continues to inspire and educate the next generation of cinematographers.

  1. Joyal Thomas

Faculty – Visual Editing

BA Mass Communication, Advanced Diploma in Visual Editing


Joyal Thomas is a skilled professional who excels in the roles of both an editor and a cinematographer. With a notable 6 years of industry experience, Joyal has primarily focused on the ad industry, bringing his creative expertise and technical prowess to deliver exceptional visual storytelling. Since 2021, Joyal has been an esteemed member of the MediaOne academy, where he shares his extensive knowledge and passion for editing and cinematography with aspiring students.

  1. Habeel Ahmed N K

Instructor – Video Production

BSc Visual Communication, PG Diploma in Visual Communication


Habeel Ahmed is a skilled professional in video production. He is an alumnus of MediaOne Academy. He had an experience of two years as Video Production assistant at Backstage Blues Production House, Hyderabad. He had joined as an Instructor in video production who can fantastically assist students during their production.