The MediaOne Academy of Communication in Calicut, Kerala is pleased to announce its annual Short and Documentary Film Festival, taking place from February 17-19, 2023. This event brings together media schools, departments, organizations, film societies, film personalities, media students, cultural figures, youth, and mainstream and social media professionals to share ideas and exhibit their work. The festival also aims to facilitate discussions on various aspects of Democracy Dissent and Media, as well as current issues faced by filmmakers.

The festival will feature music videos, creative ads, documentaries, short films, mobile films, student films, and more. The theme for this year’s festival is “Reframe Democracy: Vision from the Margin,” and will include a special tribute to filmmaker and activist KP Sasi. The festival will be curated by actress and activist Jolly Chirayath and directed by film critic and cultural activist Madhu Janardhan.

Focus of the Festival for 2023

Democracy is a process that strives to give visibility to what has previously been invisible, and this process can be linked to the role of aesthetics in challenging dominant narratives and power structures. Aesthetics, like politics, can be understood as a means of bringing to the forefront what has been unheard or unseen, as it involves the creation and expression of diverse perspectives and experiences.

In this sense, both politics and aesthetics can be seen as constantly evolving processes that challenge the status quo. Often, marginalized groups and perspectives play a key role in this process, as they seek to disrupt dominant narratives and power structures and bring their voices and experiences to the forefront.

One way in which politics and aesthetics intersect in this process is through the use of film and other media as a creative space for dissent and the challenge of dominant power structures. By using film and media to tell powerful and moving stories, activists can engage and inspire their audience and can challenge dominant narratives and perspectives. This can be a way of creating dissensus and bringing new voices and perspectives into the public discourse, ultimately broadening our democratic horizon.

In the current historical moment, marked by the emergence of Right-wing populism and Fascist movements, the MAFF 2023 film festival aims to embrace and celebrate difference as a form of resistance to dominant or pervasive visual motifs. By including a diverse range of voices and visions from the margins, the festival seeks to reframe democracy as a process that is open and imaginative, rather than one that is controlled by a few dominant imageries.

Competition Category:

Documentary, Short Fiction, Music Video, Animation Video, Rap Music Video, News Story, Creative Ad, 


Festival Theme package, Festival Director’s Package, Retrospective, Homage

Women Directors Package, Contemporary Package, MAC Alumni Package, etc..


Cultural Events, Debates, Open Forum, Meet the Director sessions will also take place.


Chief Patrons

Dr. Yaseen Ashraf

Pramod Raman

C Dawood

Roshan Kakkat

Salam Melattur


Rajeev Sankaran


Vice Chairperson

Smruthi Paruthikad

Dr. Sadique P K


Festival Director

Madhu Janardhanan


Festival Theme Curator

Jolly Chirayath


Jury Chairperson

Sherry Govind


Jury Members

T P Shameem

August Sebastian

Sofia Bind

P Baburaj

Our Contact: +91 8943347434

We would be happy to receive your suggestions and feedback, to make this dream a success. Please do not hesitate to share your valuable comments and suggestions. We would also be delighted if you can share this information on this festival widely with all interested people and organizations that you are in touch with.