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MediaOne Academy of Communication, Calicut, Kerala was established by Madhyamam Broadcasting Limited from the year 2010 onwards. The institute has facilitated many students by providing skills in electronic, print, and visual media, through various courses during the last 12 years.

It has been our pleasure to announce our decision to host a Short and Documentary Film Festival every year from the year 2022 onwards. The festival will be conducted in Calicut during the month of February 2023 for 3 days.

A Brief Outline of the Film Festival:

The film festival is expected to involve different, media schools, media departments, media organizations, film societies, film personalities, media students, cultural personalities, youth, mainstream and social media, writers, directors, researchers, academics working on film and media, and so on, in one platform, so that there could be effective sharing of ideas and exhibition of works. We do expect that such an event would benefit the students and youth connected with not just MediaOne Academy of Communication, but also various institutes like that throughout the country. Hence, the festival would be initiated with the partnership of various organizations and institutes in this country. 

The festival also aspires to offer serious discussions on various aspects of film and media as well the burning issues concerning many of our documentary filmmakers. The event would showcase, music videos, creative ads, documentaries, short films, mobile films, student films, and so on.

The main purpose of the festival would be to inspire the participants, widen their dreams, strengthen their social understanding and motivate them through significant works of others. It would also be an opportunity for those who exhibit their works to receive diverse feedback on their works for deeper reflection. It would also be an occasion for the participants to witness and reflect upon various developments taking place throughout the country.  Every year, the festival would focus on different themes.

Though a special attention would be given to the younger generation, the festival would be a platform for the experienced hands as well. It would be a platform for healthy dialogues between the dreams and experiences of the old and aspirations of the new, from the principle of `Learning from Each Other.’

Focus of the Festival for 2022.

  1. The festival group has decided that for this year, the focus of the event would be on Democracy and the Status of Margins in India.

             The focus will change from year to year, as per the social conditions and debates that are taking place in various parts of the country.

Festival Team: ……………..

Our Contact: +91 8943347434

More information on the festival will be released after the initial preparatory work. Technical details for participation, entry forms, and other information required will be announced in due process. In the meantime, we would be happy to receive your suggestions and feedback, to make this dream a success. Please do not hesitate to share your valuable comments and suggestions. We would also be delighted if you can share this information on this festival widely with all interested people and organizations that you are in touch with.

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