Course Module



Day 1 (5th August 2024):

  • Session 1: Workshop Introduction

Welcome and workshop overview

Personal Introduction

  • Session 2: Elements of visual language


Elements of visual communication, visual storytelling, rules of composition

  • Session 3: Understanding the pre-production process

Understanding the pre-production process: concept development, scripting, storyboarding, and planning.

  • Session 4: Types of shots & movements

Theory – Types of shots & movements

  • Session 5: Introduction to DSLR Camera

Interaction with: PV Sunil Kumar (Cinematographer)


Day 2 (6th August 2024):

  • Session 6: Introduction to DSLR Camera

How to shoot video with DSLR Camera in Manual Mode. Usage of Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed, White balance

  • Session 7: Introduction to video equipment

Cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting.

  • Session 8: Basic camera techniques

Framing, composition, focus, exposure

  • Session 9: Introduction to TV Station

Visit to MediaOne premises – Program floor, Program PCR, MCR, Recording studios, Edit suites, Central News Desk, News Floor, News PCR

  • Session 10: Interaction with industry expert

Interaction with: C Dawood (Managing Editor, MediaOne)

Interaction with: Nishad Rawther (Senior News Editor, MediaOne)


 Day 3 (7th August 2024):

  • Session 11: Types of shots & movements

Types of shots & movements – practical

  • Session 12: Sequence making – Theory & practical

Learn to make a sequence using different types of shots, like how we create a sentence or paragraph using different words

  • Session 13: Audio Recording

Importance of good audio: types of microphones, recording techniques, and tips for capturing clear sound. Hands-on activity: Participants practice recording audio using various microphones and learn about minimizing background noise.

  • Session 14: Interaction with experts

Interaction with: Jolly Chirayath (Film Actor)

Interaction with: Madhu Janardhanan (Film Critic)


Day 4 (8th August 2024):


  • Session 14: Editing, concept making for short film

Let’s learn basics of editing, How to put shots together and create a new meaning / Think of a concept for short film.

Overview of popular video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro)

Interface familiarization and basic editing tools

  • Session 15: Basics of script writing, Stages of production,  Pre-Production


Interaction with: M Noushad (Author)

Writing for visual media, screen writing for fiction / non-fiction, stages of production

  • Session 16 (04:30 pm to 05:30 pm) : Interaction with industry experts

Interaction with: Harshad (Film Director)

  • Session 17: Roles & responsibilities of crew members


Roles and responsibilities of different members of the production crew



Day 5 (9th August 2024):

  • Session 18: Hands-on Practice

Short Film shoot

Applying the skills learned during the workshop



Day 6 (10th August 2024):

  • Session 20: Video Editing – Practical

Video Editing – Practical

  • Session 20: Finalizing the Video

Color correction and grading

Adding text overlays, graphics, and subtitles

Exporting the final video in various formats for different platforms

  • Session 21: Concluding Session

Group discussions and feedback sessions

Screening of short film done by students / Certificate distribution